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Dec 12, 2012
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Hi :) /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" /> i have super oily skin and the only foundation that never fails me is the MUFE HD Foundation (I'm shade 117 btw).

But I ran out of those and need replacement asap. I was wondering about the Bobbi Brown Natural Finish Long Lasting Foundation, is it good? Does it controls oil like MUFE?? Does it give the semi-matte pretty finish like MUFE>? Thanks.

After doing a little investigating it looks like Revlon Photoready Foundation seems to be the most recommended dupe. This happens to actually be my HG foundation and I adore it. Great coverage and I don't end up all sparkly or too shiny. It also has a pump which I prefer.

I haven't tried the Bobbi Brown foundation but I am sure one of our other lovely members can give you a comparison.


I use the MUFE HD foundation also and I find that it's nearly identical to my Illamasqua Skin Base. Same finish, same wear, but the Skin Base gives a little more coverage. For reference I wear 115 in MUFE and 3.5 in Skin Base.

I totally Agree, Illamasqua's Skin Base Foundation is a wonderful choice!

i'm currently on this hunt, too! i'm always on the search for a cheaper version of MUFE but still haven't found it. have tried illamasqua's skin base but I felt it was thicker and less water-y than MUFE when i tried it and I just preferred MUFE's consistency for the price. 

I have heard Boots No 7 (target collection) has a possible dupe in the lifting and firming foundation, I think but still haven't been able to find a store that has a tester

I've also got oily, breakout prone skin & spent most of last year searching for a medium-full coverage, long wearing foundation that will hold up on me all day. I found 3, which is far more than I had even dared to hope for. I tried MUF HD & couldn't use it because it ended up breaking my skin out. I also found a spectacular primer that is made specifically for oily skin & completely free of silicone. I'll give you that info towards the end of my post as it might be helpful to you. Just for reference, my shade is around N20-25 in MAC. And this post is really long....I apologize but I wanted to leave enough info for you to know what these products are like. I know how difficult it is to find a truly great foundation for oily skin, especially one that lasts all day. Hopefully some of this info will help you find a good choice. Make sure to get as many samples in as many shades as you can of each formula so you can properly test them at home. I went to 3 different Estée Lauder counters to get a total of 9 shades to test, mix & match. first favorite long wear foundation out of all those I seriously tested in 2012 is Estée Lauder Double Wear. I tried this out for about a month & a half using the several sample shades I was given and was quite amazed by its longevity. I stipple/blend this on & it doesn't come off til I want it to come off, no matter how oily my skin might be that day. Even if I'm crying/sweating/in the rain/whatever, it stays put. Yet it's easier for me to apply than probably 90% of the foundations I've used. And I've amassed quite a few just in the past 4 years or so. If I don't use the primer I briefly mentioned above, I still get quite some time before I reach the stage of oil breakthrough. But even if I delay blotting or powdering, my makeup stays put. This formula doesn't break me out, doesn't transfer onto anything (including my cell phone), and feels quite lightweight on my skin. But it covers incredibly & wears until the next morning if I'm having a particularly late night out. If I want lighter coverage from this product, I just mix in a tiny bit of a compatible moisturizer before applying. Amazing product. Wish I had found this one years ago. This one has a totally matte finish, so you want to start out with minimal product & then build it up where you need more coverage. It doesn't take much. My shade match in this is Rattan, although Desert Beige was also a very close match for me. Double Wear Light is also a great product if you're looking for lighter coverage but still want your foundation to last all day & night. You can spot & under eye conceal with the ELDW concealer or the regular DW formula, then stipple a little bit of DW Light where necessary. Fast, easy & looks great. I'm so psyched about these products that I now own Double Wear (Rattan), Double Wear Light (intensity 2), Double Wear Concealer (light-medium & medium) & bought a 6.7oz bottle of DW from eBay (which Estee Lauder counters use to dispense samples from) to cut my costs down a bit. It makes the product much cheaper per ounce this way, cuz it's definitely not a budget-conscious product. My second favorite long wear foundation find is Bobbi Brown Long Wear. I was given 3 very healthy-sized samples of this so I got to test this formula out for about 8 weeks. I love the ease of application & the finish, as well as my perfect shade match. It wears about as long as EL's Double Wear but the finish is different. It's not quite as matte, which I liked because it eliminated the need for me to mist my face after application to reduce looking overly matte, but it still gives great coverage. If you want a less matte foundation than ELDW, this is a great alternative. My shade match in this is Beige. I may be using this in the summer beginning this year as I don't want to be walking around with too matte of a face in the heat. The last one was actually a huge surprise to me. It's Avon's Extra Lasting foundation. I only tried this because I saw a recommendation from gossmakeupartist regarding some of Avon's foundations, and he really was raving about them. He's right! This stuff is incredible AND stinking cheap! $15 full price, even cheaper on sale) and has lasting power that made my jaw drop. I grabbed a couple while they were discounted & they really did amaze me. Does not move, all day/all night, no matter what I'm doing or what kind of weather is happening. And it actually keeps oil at bay really well! Super easy to apply, spectacular coverage, kind of has a matte-satin finish but more naturally matte looking. It looks incredible on the skin. I rarely feel the need to blot, powder or use my oil control primer under this because it simply does that good of a job. If you still prefer to set it with powder or to blot later in the day, Avon also has the Extra Lasting powder compact which works really great with it. I can even wear the Avon Extra Lasting powder alone when I want coverage that's a bit lighter but still want to even out my skin tone & control oil. My shade in this is Nude in the liquid foundation & both Light and Medium in the powder compacts. I also wanted to mention the oil control primer as well in case you're interested. It's called Nurturing Force Blot Out Offensive & is THE most incredible primer I have ever used. 100% silicone free! WOOT!! I detest silicone primers & had been looking for one without the nasty crap for several years. Silicone primers make my oily skin dry in flaky patches, break me out, make my skin rough & bumpy & do absolutely nothing for me in regards to the longevity of my makeup. They actually make foundation slide off my face. I also hate the way they feel. I finally found this primer at the recommendation of a makeup artist who works with bands & other performers who get up a real sweat on stage & are under hot lights for extended periods of time. It can be used alone on bare-skin days when you don't want your face glowing like an oily beacon from a distance, under any kind of foundation (liquid/cream/loose minerals/wax-based/mousse/etc), and can even be patted over foundation without disturbing your makeup to give an extra long oil-free finish. It mattifies on contact & seriously prevents oil breakthrough. I'm normally already quite oily by the time I finish applying all my makeup & have to blot/powder AGAIN before leaving the house. With this stuff, I can go for several hours without noticeable breakthrough, no matter which foundation I'm wearing. It can even be used as a blotting medium throughout the day, or on eyelids to prevent eyeshadows from creasing for those with super oily lids. It has an aloe vera base & a non-oily, water-gel type texture (totally different from silicone primers, hard to describe) & is white in the jar. But as soon as you apply it to your skin it completely disappears. And one jar lasts quite some time. I'm so incredibly in love with this stuff! It's about $25 for 1/2 an ounce & can be found at Camera Ready Cosmetics or Paints & Powders online stores. I'd seriously suggest giving this stuff a shot if your oily skin is making you nuts. The bonus to it is that it makes all foundations last longer than they normally do, not just 'long wear' formulas. Anyways, as I said, I apologize for the length of my post but wanted to give you as much info as possible before you spend hours on end hunting for something that works for you. I hope that some of this ends up helping you find a new foundation that works well with your very oily skin. I understand how frustrating it is, especially when companies discontinue a product you love!


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