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Jun 15, 2005
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Hello fellow MuT members. I am usually a neutral eyeshadow wearer I have a great lid, crease, highlight color for neutral days. Here are the MAC shadows I own, and which I consider my fun colors

Amberlights-love with my complexion



Expensive Pink

I would love to get 4 more to complete a 4 pan. I am looking into Shimmermoss any other suggestions would be great so I can try them on at the mall. Thanks

Personally I'm crazy about Humid, which is a fabulous deep shimmery green. I used it in my FOTD today. I think it would go well with neutral colors, and it really looks pretty fabulous all by itself too.

my faves are:

-bagatelle (d'bohemia collection)


-expensive pink





Oh wow... I love lots of MAC e/s!!

If you're looking to complete another 4-pan and you're thinking about Shimmermoss, I'd get Shimmermoss, Parfait Amour, Swimming, and Humid. Shimmermoss, Parfait Amour and Swimming look great together, as well as Shimmermoss + Parfait Amour and Swimming + Humid. HTHS!!