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Sep 27, 2003
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Hi MuT Swappers and Traders!

The purpose of this "pinned" thread is to allow you to add a link to your swaps into a pinned topic over and over when you update them.  In a nutshell, first you setup your swaps thread/topic(here's an example) then you can come into this topic and add your link to your swaps.  Once you update it, come back here and BUMP(reply) this topic with your updated link.  

Keep this thread filled with the links to your swap threads.  Each time you add your links, include a note your post stating the date of their last update. Example: Here's my swap thread, I just updated it November 29, 2014.  

Please add hyperlinks to your swaps ONLY, no actual products listed here.

HOT TIP Add your swap link to your signature. Read, [How to] Edit my Signature and then add the link to your swaps. 

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