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Nov 15, 2006
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I decide to make a new thread about my accutane because i would like to have the pictures straight on the first post. So people don't have travel down in my old thread & I talked a mod and they said this would be okay to make a new thread. Thanks!

if you'd like to see my old thread please check it out.

some of the stuff in there will be on here & more.. please note.

Summer ohsix.


my acne isn't that bad. Im using neutrogena everything.

The closer it got to school. [8th grade]


As you can see it's horrible.


This is mid-school year [8th grade] still using neutrogena cleansers and moisturisor.


on birthcontrol,retrin-a, and duac cream and still using cetaphil products.

All the above are makeup included.

No makeup. One month into accutane & cetaphil cleansers.


My third month of accutane.

fourth months of accutane.

on my 5th & final month of accutane.

scars see them?[no flash] & no makeup.

outsideee! no flash. [makeup]

haha, im aware i look stupid but this is a flash phot kinds shows the redness-ish.

thanks for reading & looking.

just ask.

I Have the differin Gel stuff but oh my gosh it gave me either a rash or Illergic reaction So I can't use it
Happy this stuff works for you

Your skin is wonderful and this is proof that all natural products cannot get the job done all the time. Your skin has made a wonderful transition and I am sure that it gave you loads of confidence. Congrats honey!!!!!!

You look great Jess! What a change! I'm so glad it worked for you!

You look so beautiful! I'm on month 4 of accutane right now and you are giving me hope (though I had very very very severe acne
... so it will probably take much longer for my skin to ever look as good as yours lol..)

Thanks. Some how i guess didn't take pictures during the second month? ha.

I'm thrilled this is my last month! ahh.

Did u just take accutane alone or any other pills with it? Will it come back when you stop taking accutane?

wow! you look great! you always did, but it shows through cuz i know you feel much better about yourself

Thanks for the kind words everybody.

Originally Posted by adrianavanessa /img/forum/go_quote.gif Did u just take accutane alone or any other pills with it? Will it come back when you stop taking accutane?
Accutane alone, and It's not suppose to come back.. but there are chances.
Hey girl you look awesome!

I don't want to rain on your parade but I want to share something with you.

After my first round of accutane, my skin looked great. But after several months I got small breakouts along my jaw line.

My derm said that a big study was done regarding accutane users - many also got breakouts again, but only along their jaw line.

I found that Neo Medrol helped somewhat but I went on another round anyways.

Now I seldom get a breakout and the Neo Medrol takes care of it right away.

You need a prescription for the Neo Medrol.

i did 2 rounds of accutane back in '97, my acne wasnt severe, it just wouldnt go away. i had been on meds from the derm for 4 yrs prior, everything from retin-a, tetrocyclin, arythromycin and countless others, they all worked, but id become immune to them and have to switch. so my doc suggested the accutane. it worked, no more cysts. now 10 yrs later, i still get pimples around my period, random whiteheads when i get stresed, but thats it, no more acne (not like when i was a teen). it was the best thing i couldve done for myself. my hubby also did accutane as a teen, he never breaks out now (lucky *******). you look great and i wish you the best of luck! when its all said and done youll be so happy you made the choice to try accutane.


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