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Apr 27, 2006
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so here goes nothing, sorry if i offended anyone with this terrible rendition of it but i think as regular es it looks ok! lol

lemme know! tips and critisism welcome!!!

I think it looks gorgeous. I honestly don't know what a proper arabic eye should look like. But this would look awesome on a night out especially.

It looks great Liz,I dunno much about arabic makeup,but this looks really great!

liz, very nicely done

the colors are gorgeous

You did a great job! Reminds me of Elizabeth Taylor's role as Cleopatria, circa 1964. I Love that Look!

its looks gr8!! the colors are soo nicely blended and believe me, i know when i say this(been living with arabs all my life) this is how it is done.

only now taking a thin line or khol pencil or liner towards the inner conner of the eye in fashion!..

Gorgeous Liz! What products did you use, those are very vibrant colors.