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Aug 3, 2005
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Hi Guys My sick kitty has gone downhill while I was on vacaton...Im afraid I will have to have her put to sleep...all the vets are closed till monday...sigh...Im gona keep her as comfy as I can...its tough...had her for 14 years and the other cats will miss her too...all 3 have been together since forever...

I'm so sorry...

I have had my kitty for 18 years and i'd be sad as well.

I'm sending my sympathies. I love my dog like a child so I know how hard it can be. hugs to you and Kitty.

so sorry hun...I dread the day I have to do that to Chloe,hopefully she will be around for a really long time.

I'm sorry hun. Losing a pet is awful but you have had 14 wonderful years with her.

Awwwwww... I hate it when pets get sick!! Hate to put one of my kitties to sleep my self many decades ago and it was not fun......

I have a dog, 8 years old. I'll cry out loud if he dies. I'm so sorry for your cat T.T. Hope everything allright. God bless you and your cat.

shes not doing well at all...sigh wish a vet was open today to get it done with...

it's tough to watch them heart goes out to your kitty and your family


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