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Sep 1, 2006
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Hi girls i'm 34 yrs old and my skin is going down. Is driving me crazy. I have a light not fair color, I have no break outs, but my complexsion is dull beside dark circels around the eyes with fine lines
. I started to notice some discoloration in my skin color, espacially around the cheeks area. I used many expensive brands but i'm done know! i know there are some cheap good routines for my skin to lighten it up give it more radiant and elasticity. Now i narrow my choices to the following L'oreal, vichy, Olay and neutrogena. Someone pls help me to chose which whiten creme, scrub, mask....etc. I dream ot have a skin like those edited with photoshop
Maybe go to an esthetician for a consult. They will be able to help you come up with a skin care routine.

I second the Shea Butter. Get the unrefined variety. It is nature's gift to beauty-conscious women!

Originally Posted by luxotika /img/forum/go_quote.gif Maybe go to an esthetician for a consult. They will be able to help you come up with a skin care routine. Ditto
Also, try using a little luminizer, it can help while your skin gets better.
If you are definitely looking among the brands you mentioned, I'd go with Olay Regenerist. Just my personal preference. But...a good vitamin C serum (minimum 10%) will help with the discoloration and will brighten up your skin. hth

I found my perfect skin toner in Thayer's Rose Petal Witch Hazel Skin Toner. It contains Rosewater, Witch Hazel, Grapeseed Extract... I do beleive it was these ingredients that brought my skin back to life and glowing again.

Look for an anti aging product with an ingredient called kinetin. This is a plant extract that is great for rejuvinating the skin and will help brighten the complexion and lighten the discoloration. URL REMOVED BY ADMIN

i've heard that the olay definity line is great for women of color with dull skin and hyperpigmentation issues.

Are you able to tolerate Retin A? It is very helpful in clarifying my skin and it also helps with the fine lines.

Oh oh...

I hope u find a remedy.

My mummy swears by coco butter, Aloe Vera and Honey.

Her skin is gorgeous as ever!

Sound like your sun damage is finally showing through. I recommend a good everyday refining scrub. The Olay Definity line seems to have everything you are looking for. It helps with discoloration, fine lines and overall anti-aging. If you really want to attack you discoloration I suggest seeing an esthetician and getting some sort of peel.

Aging skin needs nutrients and maintenance, L'oreal and the likes are great products, but in my opinion they offer quick fixes which not permanent.

I discovered that (REMOVED BY ADMIN) range offers the healing properties for my aging skin. Their products are great!

Check it out yourself and if you do used their products, share with me please, if will help if I need to use their other products.

Not to be funny, but really, more sleep and drink lots of water. It will do wonders for your complexion

Well, in the meantime, I suggest that you don't try anything TOO different or out there.

It could worsen it.

So just limit yourself to a few products at a time.

...sadly thats all the advice I have =/

You need a good, stable Vitamin C serum. It will brighten your complexion, give you a "glow," protect against sun damage, help with hyperpigmentation, tone and texture.

I have found been using skincare for age groups above mine.I have always been able to tell the difference.


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