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Feb 26, 2011
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Disclaimer: This box was sent to me for my daughter for free for reviewing purposes. No other compensation or affiliation with MCB given or implied. Opinions my own.

My Cotton Bunny sent me another box for free this one for my daughter as the previous box contained tampons this one contain pads. I had previously mentioned about how my youngest doesn't wear tampons since she's not comfortable at her age with tampons. This box is part of their December Bundle Up box. Inside her box came a box of Always Radiant pads, 16 count ($5.29 manufacturer retail price), a scarf (value: $9.99 based on similar scarves at Walmart), a square of Dagoba Organic Chocolate in NEW MOON Bittersweet Dark chocolate bar (0.32 oz, value $0.55) and two Yogi Organic Tea bags in Moon Cycle and Calming (value $0.31 each).

My daughter was happy with the box since she was jealous her big sister got the cami tank last time with the tampons. She took her box of pads and put them away for her next period, gave me the chocolate and tea then took off with the scarf which she really liked the most about the box. She's been wearing the scarf since Wednesday to school and thought that was the best part of the box (granted, I don't think anyone is going to get excited over a box of pads, lol).

My Cotton Bunny is $13.75 a month and yes I totally get that some will find that it's expensive for a box of tampons or a box of pads but each My Cotton Bunny box doesn't contain just a box of tampons or pads. In the November box there came a cami, in the December box a scarf so each month a different item will come and I think that's going to be the fun part of the box.

In my opinion I DO see My Cotton Bunny having great merit for some people. Last time I said that I thought MCB would be great marketed towards teens and college students and I still think that but as I thought of the areas surrounding where I live I think that MCB would be beneficial to those living in rural areas that don't have access or easy access to stores like Target, Walmart, Walgreens, RiteAid, etc. I live in an area that's surrounded by farm land, lots of farms in my areas and many of the tiny towns are a long way from stores with inexpensive products or a bigger selection of products so for me I think that MCB can be beneficial to women living in such rural areas. Is MCB for everyone? No it's not just like Birchbox isn't for everyone or Ipsy isn't for everyone but I really do see merit in My Cotton Bunny and would love to see their selection expand to include different absorbancies.

Would I subscribe for myself? No, not at this time because I use a different absorbancy than my girls. Would I subscribe for my girls? Yeah I would because two of my girls really enjoyed the boxes. Ok, so they're not excited about the pads or tampons (who would be? lol) but they really loved the other items in the boxes - the cami tank my eldest got in the box with tampons and the scarf my youngest got with the box of pads. So $13.75 is a reasonable price in my opinion for this type of service.

Edit: LOL After I finished posting this my daughter came in and said that she was getting complements on the scarf yesterday at school including from one of her teachers who asked her where did she get the scarf. LOL Now I've got to get her a black beret and gloves to go with the scarf.


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