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May 3, 2005
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I have not yet tried the infamous moisturiser (will try it before bed tonight!) but heres my initial impression on what i have tried today:

eye balm- lovely tingly feeling as soon as it was applied, it feels nice and smooth and doesnt leave a greasy residue behind on the eyes. Its too early to judge wether or not this is the genius product its meant to be though, but i am inspecting my eyes daily from now on to look for signs of improvement!

The lip balm- Fantastic. Already a favourite! I like to use lip balm regulary and my fave brands are REN, fresh, and burts bees. La mer lip balm instantly soothes your lips and makes them feel like silk. It contains the 'miracle broth' that is in the famous moisturiser and it feels gorgeous on your lips. I was very sceptic about the lip balm as i felt that it could not justify the £35.00 price tag, but it IS worth it. It is joining my 'faves' list!

Naturally, i will keep you all informed of any results from the products and i will also write a review of them when i've used them for a bit to give an accurate review of them.

So far so good though!

Oh the excitement! I got excited last week because i bought a new moisturiser (Olay Complete) so i can only imagine how excited i'd be if i bought Creme De La Mer products!!! Enjoy & let us know what you think & hey, don't forget to write reviews!!