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Feb 1, 2006
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My family doctor told me I have post traumatic stress disorder. It doesn't surprise with all the past trauma I've been through. I am taking Nortriptyline at bedtime to help me sleep. We didn't have a long discussion but the next time I go back I may ask about it more. I heard there are different meds that help?

I was diagnosed with PTSD only a few months back as well. I hope you are doing well.

Yup, there are - and if that's the case, i think you should ask for a referral to a specialized care - psychology and psychiatry .

Many drugs are available, its almost the same as when someone needs an anti-depressant and they have to go through the course (usually the first year) to see which work best for them, remember all meds will affect one person one way and another in a different way. Sit down and talk with something well qualified in this area, I have seen some drs (quacks) that will Rx anything to anyone, make sure the one you speak with has proper knowledge AND good reviews. Research is the key!

Thanks everyone! The next time I see my family doctor I will talk to him more about it and hopefully he will refer me to someone.

I'm sure things will get better for you Shelley

I had PTSD when I was 16-19. It took years of therapy and meds to rid myself of that one. Still got depression, but whatever. =)

I wish you the best. It really is hard to deal with.


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