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Jun 7, 2006
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Does anyone else have this problem? And the worst thing is that he brings it to me to share it with me!



never heard of that before, but maybe you can search on the internet for that kind of behavior on dogs? might be something out there that can explain it.

LOL. I have done that. Did I place this weird question on the wrong forum. If I did that is certainly sh**ty of me!

They're kitty treats! lol.

My dog used to dig in the cat litterbox and eat them. We now keep the cat litterbox out of the dog's reach. lol.

Ha! Flora has eaten her OWN poop before!!!

This may help:

Question: My dog eats poop! Why does she do this, and how can I get her to stop?

Answer: Dogs will commonly eat their own as well as other animals' feces. Puppies are known to eat their own excrement during paper training and housebreaking, and it is believed to be due to a combination of physiological and behavioral factors.

On the physiological side, since the digestion of food is not always complete, puppies still see nutrient value in their feces and view it as a snack. Often dogs are attracted to undigested rice, corn or peanuts in their stool if they happen to consume these foods. Maximizing digestion can help solve this problem. To do so, add enzyme supplements to their food, such as meat tenderizer (from the supermarket), papaya extract (a natural enzyme available at health food stores) or products from pet supply stores especially designed to help dogs digest. Mix the enzyme powder in each meal, and let it sit for 15 minutes prior to feeding it to your pet. This should eliminate the presence of anything they view as "good" in their stool. It will not help with the peanuts or corn, but these foods should not be fed to your pet in any event.

Another way to discourage coprophagy (the medical term for eating poop) is to coat the stools with hot sauce or vinegar, thereby making the experience of eating it unpleasant (as if it seemed great thus far!). Sometimes owners have to go to the extreme measure of injecting the stool with hot sauce so the pet gets the full extent of the bad flavor. Yet another method is through products which taste good when mixed in the pet's food and eaten, but turn bitter when excreted in the pet's feces (isn't science great?). Doing this or the hot sauce method for one to two weeks is usually enough to convince a dog that their food bowl is a safer spot for snacks.

On the behavioral side, many pets eat their stool during the training stages because they become confused about whether to go to the bathroom on or off the paper or outdoors. Just as potty training for kids is tough, telling a dog when and where to eliminate is emotionally stressful. They will feel bad about going in the wrong place and destroy the evidence by eating it. Owners often call me because they are concerned that their puppy has not had a bowel movement in a few days, but it usually turns out to be a case of recycling.


Ever wonder why children's sandboxes come with covers? If you have neighbors with outdoor cats, they may view your child's sandbox as a great big litter box, and unfortunately your young child may choose to ingest a deposited turd. This condition, called Pica, is common in toddlers and is best avoided by keeping your child's sandbox covered when not in use.


You could also spray the poop with bitter apple or put the stuff that the article Kee posted said.

I read in a dog forum that cat poop is like treats to them haha.

Yes, our puppy is always eating it out of my kitten's litter box so during the day we keep the litter box away from her!

Funny thing- my kitten's poops are bigger than the dogs(shes a pomchi)! LOL

OMG YESSS!! lol my dog Sade does that all the time!! lately she hasnt been doing it, but when she was younger, everytime we would take her out for her to do her business, she would literally look for it, undig it, and eat it!! We have an outside cat, so that sh*t is everywehre in our yard, but now i keep an eye on my dog b/c she's been sneaky and fast with it. and i dont even know why she does it either! so the whole spraying the cat poop with something cant work in my situation b/c it's outside!

my dumb dog used to do this too......I've come home before and the dog was gagging because the poo was stuck to the roof of his mouth like peanut's so nasty......I bought a covered litter box and turned it toward the wall, that way the cat can get in but the dog can't.

Originally Posted by ivette /img/forum/go_quote.gif yuck
Yuck is right! Well, I learn something new everyday.
LMAO at this thread....Our dog Coal used to eat them....we call the litter he eats "kitty crunchies" in our house.....lmao

Originally Posted by dentaldee /img/forum/go_quote.gif my dumb dog used to do this too......I've come home before and the dog was gagging because the poo was stuck to the roof of his mouth like peanut's so nasty......I bought a covered litter box and turned it toward the wall, that way the cat can get in but the dog can't. I was getting a mental image and had to laugh out loud.

Seriously, My dog is almost 7 and she still has a little "snack" every now and then. Totally gross and she's not allowed to lick me.I've tried everything. Nothing has worked.

My dog likes cat poop and his own poop also. I close the door where the litter box is when my dog is out (they dont get along). Sometimes I forget to close the door and he climbs in and chows down. I have to clean it up immediately after he goes b/c he is so fast, he poops and immediately eats it. I have tried every method in this thread and he still eats it. Gross, but I have been told it isnt harmful.

My dog loves cat poop too. Luckily, she doesn't share it with me I tell her to go and lay somewhere because I seriously do not want to be around her after she does that. Its so nasty