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Apr 27, 2006
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sooo, sorry i havent had a chance to post, and sorry that this is gonna b a short one for now. But, the job has been a DREAM. Ive been doing great and meeting my quotas and the team is amazing. I get free stuff and an amazing discount and im LOVING working for M.A.C. I ve done peoples makeup and ive helped others feel beautiful and i love it too
Thanks for the support everyone! ill post more later


Woohoo! Glad you're enjoying the new job at MAC! You're already proving to MAC to be the wonderful MA we all knew you'd be! (And hey, you can't beat freebies and discounts!)

Congrats that does sound like a dream job! Did they send you to any training before you started?

Congratulations!! I would love to work at MAC too! I remember the first time I did someone's makeup and how excited they were--it's a good feeling. Plus the freebies and discounts don't hurt!

congrats!!! sounds like a dream job for me
especially the part where you get freebies and a discount
....congrats!! I am happy you're enjoying the new job!!

hey there, welcome to the M.A.C family!!! i've been m.i.a from MUT, but when did you start?? well glad your doing well, and i agree, this is the best job ever!