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Oct 19, 2012
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Hey Ladies!

So me and the BF just tried this new service called ZenAgain.  Basically they offer manis/pedis in your home, office etc. You just check in online or through your iphone and they send someone to where you are. He got a deal through his work and we tried it last night. We requested an appt around 5 and two techs (they call them "ZenGivers" lol) showed up at our apartment around 7. 7 was the earliest appt. slot they had available...I guess its pretty popular in the bay area.

Things I Liked:

- They were super clean. They opened the mani tool bags infront of us which made me feel good. They also used liners for their pedicure bowls. I'm not a germaphobe but it did make me feel good to see how hygenic they were

- They had a good selection of Essie nail the fall collection. I actually asked my ZenGiver if I could buy a bottle off of her lol.

- They spent an hour..30 minutes manicure / 30 minutes pedicure. We liked it enough that we ended up buying a membership to get one mani/pedi every month. They gave us each our own set of tools which I thought was pretty cool.

Things I Didn't Like:

- They were here exactly at 7 but I guess they don't call instead they send you a text which I thought was kind of weird but I can get over it. I just felt bad that the zengivers were waiting outside for 5 minutes.

Net net it was a pretty cool experience, granted its going to make me lazier but I think its great given how busy I am. My mom and sis are coming into town this weekend and I booked 3 ZenGivers for tomorrow. Will update on how it goes.

There website is you do book through them let me know what you think!

I know a lot of people would like this sort of thing but I love to do my nails most of the time hehe. Now a pedicure would be nice!


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