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Jan 4, 2007
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well yesterday the bf and I went to this weird sale where the money you spent went to charity. There were a whole lot of crazy things there like commercial quantities of toilet paper, chai tea bags, folders, computer screens, pens, paper, office furniture and more.

When I was there I bought this plastic in-out tray which was completely filthy, but a bargain at only a few dollars! I got it home, washed it, and now it is being used in my bathroom for all my facial products


as you can see I use a lot of clarins. My friend is a rep and she gives me a lot of free samples when I buy stuff.

Top shelf is cleansers, toners, makeup remover (and my spray, leave in conditioner, lol)

middle shelf is refreshing waters (the little bottles at the front), eye creams (in the container at the back) day cream and night cream.

bottom shelf is cotton buds, cotton balls and my body shop face mask

That's a great way to organise things, it all looks so neat and tidy.

Oh! I wish I had a big bathroom again so I could just make it all pretty! OR! A whole room to myself for my stash LOL!

Oh Aquilah I know! I think I'm gonna have a room for mine when I buy a house.

Rosie, don't you just love being a girl?? We don't need big cars to make us happy... just a little lotion or a lipgloss!

Originally Posted by Sheikah /img/forum/go_quote.gif Looks very good Rosie, very organized and accesible. GMTA! =)

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