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Feb 8, 2004
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What are my favorites are as a makeup artist? Here is a small list....

Foundations: Black Opal and Iman (for any ethnic tones)

Aura Science and Lancome (for Caucasian and some ethnic tones)

Powder: Sue Devitt Studio, Ben Nye (they have a wonderful range for all skin tones and they are great if you have warm pick here....thank God!)

Coty Pale neutral (it looks sheet white but it is great powder on almost all skin tones...even African American because it disappears into the skin)

Lipsticks: I must admit I will try almost anything if I like the color and mix with other things. LOL

Lip Pencils: Lancome Bronzelle, Fraichelle and Desert Sand (very dark brown) are my 3 staple lip liners for all skin tones because I can make them look natural on all skin tones

Blush: I don't have a favorite when it comes to blush but I do use a lot of Wet N' Wild powder bronzers as blushes even coupled with a regular blush to look natural but very healthy and sexy

Ok.....I spilled the beans now it is your turn...what are your favorites?

(BTW....if you haven't visited my site...stop by...sign my guest book while your there

Candace Corey

Makeup & Hair