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Sep 27, 2003
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I was at Mother's Market today (natural food store) and checked the beauty aile out and noticed that D.r Hauschka clarifying toner was on sale for $19.99. It retails for $32. I've never tried the line but have always wanted to so I bought the toner. What a deal! $19 is still pricey but $32 is way too much in my opinion. I just used it tonight and it feels nice. Per the instructions you are not suppose to use any night cream with it. The skin is suppose to be able to "breath" on it's own without any cream. Tonight I'm going to bed without a night cream just to see how it feels.
Kind of strange but I'm willing try it.

I've only ever tried their Normalizing Day Oil & to be honest i wasn't impressed. I think its coz i hated the oil on my face rather than their product though!

My sister uses lots of their products as she is prone to breakouts & she finds them great! Let us know how the toner goes anyway Reija

The toner felt nice and didn't irritate my skin which I was worried about because my skin is pretty sensitive. My pores looked the same in the morning so no difference after using it one night. I'll have to see if it makes a difference after a while.

I tried one of Dr. Hauschka's trial kits.

I really wanted to like it; but it just didn't do much for me.

It wasn't terrible by any means; but it definitely didn't do anything to justify the price of the products to me.


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