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Sep 27, 2003
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I went to Ulta today and luckily I had my son with me cuz I would have spent hours in there if I had been by myself. My son kept saying "mom let's go, this is girl's store and it's boring".
I bought Matrix hair spray, Rimmel tube eye shadows (buy 1 get 1 free), Schwarzkopf Bonacure shampoo and conditioner for colored hair (it was a set for a great deal). I've never tried Rimmer makeup so I wanted to give a try to these tube eye shadows. I think they would come handy on the go.

Ulta is a great store. Make sure you sign up for their free membership. You get points when you buy anything and you get free stuff....stuff that you want. Like curling irons or fragrances or more pick your free stuff.

Ulta carries their own makeup brand too. Their eyeshadows are great and they don't crease! LOVE that store.

Candace Corey

Makeup & Hair

Next time I'm there I gotta check out the Ulta makeup. Thanks for the tip! I did sign up for the membership too.
I had to hurry out of there to avoid major damage to my wallet and my son was a great help with that!

Originally Posted by candacecorey Don't worry you can still get stuff from Ulta by going to
Candace Corey

Makeup & Hair

Oh but the joy to walk around and play with all the testers...
That's my biggest problem with ordering online; I hate to guess at colors! One of these days I may just have to take a trip there...
Originally Posted by Reija(admin) I've never tried Rimmel makeup so I wanted to give a try to these tube eye shadows. You gotta try the Kohl eye liners next time you buy something from their range Reija.. They're fab
Oh & there Super Extra Lash mascara is good too!


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