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Jun 1, 2007
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Unknown to me, our department's office assistant is off on vacation this week and I had scheduled an all day meeting with 25 attending.. So when it came time to get a meeting room with seating and visual equipment, lunches, refreshments,.. Everything... I was at a complete loss.. So I asked a couple executive secretarys and they pointed me in the right direction...

The amount of time and effort I had to put into this is amazing to me!! I even had to learn to make coffee this morning (I don't drink coffee so I have never made it).. And as I was scurrying around this morning one of the other departments assistants said "You having fun? You should try it in a skirt and heels!". Lol. "Darn, I left mine at home....what size are yours?" I replied.....

Well the meetings on and everything is running smoothly!! So far. And I'm pooped.. So my hats off to all those that do this... I'll stick to engineering, this is way too much like work!!



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