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My husband and mother in law...Rant!

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Sep 22, 2007
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My husband works nights like he leaves at 4pm and returns at 7am. Well yesterday my cousin called me and ask if I would like to go get my hair cut with her. I told her I couldn't because my husband was leaving for work but told her to ask about getting me a appt. with my usual lady, who normally takes days to get in to see. Well my cousin called and they got her in, but said I would have to call back and ask the lady to do mine because she was booked. Well I called her and she said she was booked back to back, but should call if their was a cancellation. I told her no I was just gonna ride with my cousin so I'd get something later. Well she said call her back and she might could squeeze me in. I called her 30 min later and she said yeah at 5 she could. So she moved my cousins appt to 5 as well. Well earlier I had asked my husband if he could go in work 1 hr. late so I could do this, if she could and he said yes. Well when I tell him I have a appt. he starts to get mad like he always does. I asked him to call his mom then and see if she would keep the kids for 1 hr. well she acts like she doesn't want to since it is short notice, but she is doing nothing...except baking a cake. Well she says yes, but I may be 10 min. late to my appt. Well my husband goes on the work at 4pm. I sit here waiting for her to show up, which I figured she wouldn't because the one other time I asked her to watch them for me she didn't show up. Well my cousin goes on to get her hair done and at 5:10 I'm still waiting for my mother in law to get here. It takes me 15 to 20 min. to get to the salon. Well my husband calls me wanting to know if his mom is here yet....Of course I say no and tell him to call her and tell her to forget it. Well he calls her and she said she is still baking the cake she was baking 2 hrs. ago and that when that is done she will come over. Of course he told her nevermind. I was very very angry that I called her so much and she agrees to see me then I can't go anyway after my husband saying he would go in late to watch the kids. I haven't got my hair cut since Aug. and was wanting to look nice for christmas since I lost weight. I'm still mad and it's a new day. I didn't never call her back to tell her I wasn't going to be there because I figured that since I didn't show up she would know. She asked my cousin if I was coming and she told her no, I was still waiting on a babysitter. Now my husband says to call and see if she will squeeze me in today, but I don't want to do that after not showing up or calling her. I'm so tired of this because he works all the time and none of our family helps out. Sorry to make this so long I just needed someone to talk to. Any Advice for me?