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Jul 24, 2006
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My husband is sneaky sometimes at work. I asked him what he did today and he said I should be expecting a package in the mail. I already knew that since I ordered some eyeshadows the other day, but besides that he said there's two MORE things i should be expecting. Thank goodness my hubby gets bored and researches at work other wise he wouldnt have found the "Love, Henri" lipstick and "Bendi Girl" lipglass. He found info. on Besides the l/s and l/g here's what else i'm getting in the mail;

15 pan palette. i've already filled my other 5

Going Bananas, Big T, Bang on Blue

You have an amazing husband! He seems to be always surprsing you with new gifts!

You should get pregnant more often

Originally Posted by CellyCell /img/forum/go_quote.gif You should get pregnant more often
Haha. OMG tell me about it!

Originally Posted by Ohappydayes /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I was thinking the same thing! Girl by the time 9 months are up you will have every MAC cosmetic known to man!
Congrats and enjoy! EEk. I'm already on my 8 months. And all the good stuff doesnt come out until the end of October. Hopefully the suprises still come.
You are one lucky woman!!! *sigh* There's just not enough men like him nowadays. One more month to go!!! Congrats!