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Feb 22, 2006
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Growing up, my mother and I would read VC Andrews together on Thanskgiving and Christmas. We'd take turn reading chapters out loud. Well, she ended up getting me into Mary Higgins Clark.

So, last night as I was leaving work, I handed my boss her tickler for today, and told her I was jealous. She had a benefit luncheon/fashion show today... With Mary Higgins Clark and Carol Higgins Clark (her daughter) in attendance!

My boss told me if I brought in a book, she'd get it autographed. And I did, and she did! So, I'm sending my mom a new Mary Higgins Clark book, which she autographed, "Warmest regards, Evelyn, with love from Elizabeth. Mary Higgins Clark 10-11-07."

Elizabeth is my middle name that I go by at work, and Evelyn is my mommy. How awesome is that though?! My mom's too happy since she lost her two most prized autographs... James Brown and Arnold Schwarzenegger (she got this one right after he won his Mr. Olympia). It's not much, but it's definitely one of those gifts where it was the thought that counts

She will love this gift!!! I wish someone would take a pic of her when she receives it

Oh woow that's awesome Aquilah!!!!! Yay!

By the way sorry I wen't off last night, Naoya called and I was also very tired


aww, that is such a sweet present. If someone did that for me I'd be so super excited. It was very thoughtful of you and I'm sure your mum really appreciated it.

it's so true that it's the thought that counts! what a wonderful story and a beautiful gift to your mom! i'm sure she will treasure it forever!

She is so lucky to have thoughtful daughter like you. BTW Evelyn is pretty a name to me.

That is so sweet Aquilah! I'm sure your mom will love and appreciate the gift.