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Dec 23, 2006
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I got this Idea from youtube is called the Sephora Inspired Brush Holder.




I got the jar and the beads at Michaels a craft store.The jar is candle holder and the beads are used in flower vases. It was about 9$ .

Here is how the beads look


and you could choose what jar you want. From acrylic to glass. Here is the original link where I got the idea from ..


Heh... I never thought about it. I have a whole lot of beads from previous craft attempts, I might as well pour them in my brush holder to keep them from falling!

Thanks for the idea!

I used to have my brushes in a brush roll and I got tired of opening and rolling up my brush holder all the time plus this looks way cutter.

Great minds think alike. I just made one today because I kept thinking how Sephora had a nice stance.

Enkore made a video about it too on youtube.

Bought it all for $6 at Michaels. And in case anyone wants to go get it, they have a coupon for any item 40% off.


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