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Aug 25, 2006
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What would go with it? I was thinking tight white skinny jeans with black knee boots over the top, would that go?

I didnt wanna wear too much black so I dont wanna wear black pants with it.


I agree with Jacquelyna.

Originally Posted by jacquelyna /img/forum/go_quote.gif Skinny jeans with knee boots isn't over the top, but I would just suggest dark denim instead of the white.
That is cute! I agree with everyone... or if youre as "tall" as me... you can pull it off as a really short, sexy dress

that is so cute. You could wear it with a mini - i think I agree that dark denim would look really good, and flat boots, or the skinny jeans would look hot too.

If you wanted to dress it up more you could try a tight pencil skirt and heels maybe?

Its from littlewoods, its on sale from £80 to £43 Im in engalnd though so im not sure if this can be bought at other places.


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