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Apr 23, 2006
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So a friend of mine gave me a sample of Estee Lauder Double Wear. I've had it a while but was put off simply b/c I haven't used a liquid foundation in years. I decided what the hell yesterday and it was so awesome that I bought it last night and used it again today.

I have never been happier with a foundation. I tried using my MAC foundation brush but it really went on better with my fingers. I always use a moisturizer (Clinique Dramatically Different Gel) then Smashbox primer. I thought 2 months ago that I had discovered the best thing with the MAC followed by MUFE Duo Mat but this is unbelievable. You have to do it rather quickly or it starts to set, so I applied to smaller areas instead of my whole face at once. It's buildable, but really one application was more than enough. I'd call it medium to full coverage. The color is a perfect match and it kept my super oily tzone totally matte until around 3pm when I dusted with powder but it didn't settle in my rather large pores on my cheeks or in my fine lines around my eyes. It stayed put from 7am-9pm. Looked fantastic. No color change after a few hours either. It doesn't look or feel mask-like at all though it does feel different. It's just beautiful coverage and lives up to it's name. I had 4 people at work compliment my face today. That never happens. Anyway had to share this awesome find. I am so happy I finally tried that sample.

The only thing I could find to complain about is that I wish it had a pump and it's not cheap.

i've heard raves, but i'm too lazy to get matched at a counter cuz last time i did, the SAs there were *****es.

glad it works for you, though!

Glad you liked it! I have been wanting to try it out for years. Next time EL has a GWP, I am getting it!
EL double ear is one of my rec foundation. It's just great! It was my HG foundation before I found MMU.

Estee Lauder Double Wear is my HG! When I started using it I wore Ecru, now i'm in Fresco. I have 2 bottles one in each color and the powder foundation in Fresco. I have tried other foundations, but none ever lives up to this! I'm So glad you like it! I agree it does need a pump. I have the EL foundation brush, but I end up using my fingers too. What color are you in?

Kells - -I have told you girls how good Estee Lauder is for years--ha-ha--now you see---It is just hard for nurses to afford. LOL

Kelly, I am pleased that you found something that works well for you. I'll have to try it when my current supplies get low. I have a little bit of Estee Lauder MU and all I have is nice.

That's awesome! Congrats. You could always wash out on old foundation bottle and pump and transfer your new foundation into it.

Hhhmmmm...I may have to try this now. Although, I really like my mmu and for liquid I really like Prescriptives Custom Blend as well.

I really love EL Double Wear as well! It actually looks really great in pictures for me (which I love)! lol! I'm glad you're loving it!

Originally Posted by Jennifer /img/forum/go_quote.gif i've heard raves, but i'm too lazy to get matched at a counter cuz last time i did, the SAs there were *****es.
glad it works for you, though!

The first time I tried to get matched, the SA was a total biotch as well! So rude!

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