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May 9, 2011
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The email MSOB sent me:

I would like to apologize to MSOB for taking so long to blog about my pillow box. I was NOT asked to blog about the pillow box. I'm quite impressed with it and I had to let yall know about MSOB and their unique service.

I am thankful to have been picked to receive their 1st ever pillow box (February) and getting a chance to experience products I have never heard of and have never tried previously. The packaging was so pretty (who doesn't like PINK??!) and all the items came in perfect condition. If you have not heard of MSOB, you need to check them out @ I have seen many of these sample type services around and from what I have seen MSOB is the only one geared towards those of colour. I think this is a fantastic idea and I hope they continue to be successful.
  Once a month you will receive 4 or 5 samples for ONLY $10!!! When you like a sample, you can choose to buy the full size product from the MSOB online store and earn loyalty points.   So, as you may know, I am not a person of colour (unless I tan in a bed and I have quit doing that. Though, I do tan fairly well in the sun), I am Caucasian. With that being said, I honestly can say I am IMPRESSED with the items sent to me in this pillow box.
  Let's get started:

[SIZE=small](unboxing) Pretty packaging!![/SIZE]

[SIZE=small]The pillow box and the info on how MSOB works.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=small]Information on MSOB works.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=small]The pillow box and info on February's pillow box[/SIZE]

[SIZE=small]Information on February's pillow box[/SIZE]

[SIZE=small]The pillow box and information on what samples are sent[/SIZE]

[SIZE=small]Information on the samples sent[/SIZE]

[SIZE=small]All the goodies! Notice I got a FULL SIZE lip gloss. YaY![/SIZE]

[SIZE=small](top) LAMIK - True Mineral Powder in Warm Carmel (sample)[/SIZE]

[SIZE=small](bottom) of LAMIK - True Mineral Powder in Warm Carmel (sample)[/SIZE]

[SIZE=small](on my arm) LAMIK - True Mineral Powder in Warm Carmel (sample)[/SIZE]
[SIZE=small]Even though it is too dark for me to use as a face powder, [/SIZE]
[SIZE=small]I will be using this in the summer as a bronzing powder. I could not detect any kind of scent with this product, it blends well and it has a light consistency to the feel.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=small]Georgia By G. & Company - Luxury Skin Wash (sample)[/SIZE]
[SIZE=small]This is a creamy body wash. It rinses off easily and works well with my sensitive skin. I DID detect a scent but I could not make out what it was. It is NOT chemically, it's more of a spice type scent. Not at all overwhelming.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=small]Pooka Pure and Simple - Guava Mango shea butter (sample)[/SIZE]
[SIZE=small]This is an awesome shea butter. I used it all over (hands/cuticles, feet, lips and dry patches from my eczema) and had no kind of reaction to it. It soaks in well and is not greasy (a little bit goes a long way). It smells heavenly, fruity like guava and mango (hence the name *LOL*) and it's not at all overwhelming. I use this at night, so it does not interfere with my soap, cream and perfumes I wear in the morning.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=small](front) Big Girl Cosmetics - Lip Shine in #50 (full size)[/SIZE]

[SIZE=small](bottom) Big Girl Cosmetics - Lip Shine in #50 (full size)[/SIZE]

[SIZE=small]Big Girl Cosmetics - Lip Shine in #50 (full size)[/SIZE]
[SIZE=small]Doe foot applicator (which I prefer)[/SIZE]

[SIZE=small](on my arm) Big Girl Cosmetics - Lip Shine in #50 (full size)[/SIZE]
[SIZE=small]I am in LOVE with this gloss!!! It's a gorgeous. Plus, I love the brand name! Flattering for any complexion. It wears well, not sticky and is slightly moisturizing. It does have a nice shimmer to it. I did notice it does wear off and I did have to touch it up but I was light handed with it. I have not had a chance to put on a few coats and that may help it last longer. I don't have anything in my stash to compare it to but I am sure NYX or E.L.F. has a similar colour.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=small].25 oz. $9[/SIZE]

[SIZE=small](top) Yana Cosmetics - foundation #7 (sample)[/SIZE]

[SIZE=small](bottom) Yana Cosmetics - foundation #7 (sample)[/SIZE]

[SIZE=small](on my arm) Yana Cosmetics - foundation #7 (sample)[/SIZE]

[SIZE=small](on my arm) Yana Cosmetics - foundation #7 (sample)[/SIZE]
[SIZE=small]Yes this foundation is too dark for me. I am on the fence if I am going to give this to a friend or keep it for a cream type bronzer. I am way too pale to use it now and I will have to wait until summer to try it out. It does have a slight chemical like smell to it. It did not bother my sensitive skin and it's not an overwhelming scent.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=small]I am way impressed with these products. If you have any questions about what I blogged about, feel free to contact me. If you have any questions about how MSOB works, please contact MSOB directly through their website @[/SIZE].
I was sent this pillow box because I entered a contest they had. I do not work for/affiliated with MSOB. I have NOT been paid and will NOT be getting paid any kind of financial benefit/compensation in lieu of a my blog review from the products sent by MSOB. Nor was I asked to blog about the pillow box. These are my own, 100% HONEST opinions and thoughts of the above mentioned products.
Basically this means: I have not been "bought" to give a fake blog review.


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