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Nov 6, 2005
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Just came back today... this moment my "dad" is yelling at me which totally kills my day. But it was expected. Anyway, here goes:


Inside our hotel at the Embassy Suite in Anaheim



First day there we just chilled and went to this Cuban/Spaniard restaurant

[Me on the sidekick... haha, addiction. Happy Hour. Look at all those drinks. And the guy behind me had the most perverted smile... omg, he beat my perverted look.]

[My little sisters. Candid moment]

[Cuban Restaurant]

[Ropa Vieja... hella good!]

...then we walked around the plaza and took random photos

[Thought the store name was funny. Me & my sissy]

[My mom thought this was hilarious. Picking her nose... har]

Back at the hotel and hid in their bathroom for what? Pictures... haha losers.


We went to Old Town San Diego.

[Plaza Del Pasado]

[There was this store that sold many keepsakes from Mexico. Los Calabasas (skulls) were my favorite]


[Theyre maracas]

[At the restaurant. My sister dropped a chip in there. Haha. Look at her face, full of determination]

[My quesadilla reminded me of the Mexican flag]

[My Mami sipping on that Margarita]

[Pic time with the ladies in the family at the restaurant]

[Ate at the restaurant to the left]

[Leaving San Diego, in the car.Me & my sis being camera whores again]

[Rockstar Mentality]

We Rushed back to our hotel because they gave free drinks during happy hour....

[My damage. Yes, 5 drinks were mine. Cosmo, Fuzzy Navel, Sex On The beach... loved it
. There was more, best believe...]



[in front of the globe]

[shrek. Not a huge fan, but whatever... Ha]

[Yes, we're that cool we got interviewed by them.]

Okay, Pause. So we went on that Universal Tour. I'm sure those who been there know what I'm saying. Little trolley bus that drives you around Universal Studio lot were they film the movies, television shows... whatever. Okay, our host (the guy who is explaining the tour) said that Desperate Housewives were currently filming on the lot and we had to be quiet during a section. Well... not even 3 minutes into the ride. Guess who I stinking saw in a van?

EVA "rat face" LONGORIA! Ugh, beezy was up in her sidekick... didn't even wave hello or anything. I kept looking at her because I was like, "No way, it ain't her." And I'm sitting in the front of the trolley but opposite side of where the van was. Me, my sister and these emo boys behind me, where the only ones who saw her... and I didnt take her picture for proof. Until the van pulled next to it did I realize it was her. Bah. I think I saw that other chick from the show... the narrator. Dunno her name, but she was in a van too.

Anyway, continue:

[The actual set of 'The Grinch That Stoled Christmas'. Cant believe they still have it up for so many years, but apparently it was the biggest set to date on their lot]

[War of the World actual set. I bet you Tom Cruise jumped on all that proclaiming his "love" for Katie. B*tch needs a taser]


This is perhaps our shortest day and my dad kept complaining that all we're doing is driving around - thinking I'm going to see a celebrity. GOD. So annoying... doesnt ever comprehend what sight-seeing is but whatever.

[Ripley's Believe It Or Not museum... 2 headed bebe]

[Marilyn Monron Statue made from Moss]

[i forgot the name of this Mall that's next to Mann's theater.... ugh. I dunno. But it was REALLY nice. Wish we stayed there longer but my dad was on a trip to get back and eat]

[Mann Theater]

[i TRIED looking for Marilyn Monroe's signature. But beezy tourist were stepping and crowding the place unaware that Celly was present, and therefor hindered my plan of taking a picture of her signature. But my sis managed to get Shirley Temple. Meh]

And so, that's that.

Overall, the trip was okay because my dad didnt yell. But he did complain too damn much I was going insane. I just get annoyed when they put the plans on me and ask where I wanted to go and if I told them somewhere... he would complain that it sucked when we got there and wanted to get back for Happy Hour. Basically, he loved the Cuban restaurant because it reminded him of his roots. Pfft. Everything else was meh to him.

Southern California is really pretty and the people are nice. But the humidity and traffic kills it for me. The minute I stepped outside, my hair frizzed like a mofo. My skin got so dry too! It was just a whatever vacation. I always like Universal Studios... that day was prolly the best but the longest. Wish I had done some shopping. My dad gets so impatient, we didn't. Tried looking for a forever 21 in Hollywood - but they wanted to leave to eat. GRR.

It was cool to leave Pitt for some time but I'm happy to be back home. I dont think I want to do a family trip again for the longest. Haha.

Thanks for looking at my page!
Great pictures! You look really pretty.

Your mother is so young and pretty as well!

I think you'll like the F21 in Pasadena. It's not as big as the one in SF, but it's cute.

Please post more pictures when you have the time! It looks as though you all have an awesome time!

awwww.. that place looks awesome!! you and your sisters and your momma are all hot! looks like a fun trip

Great trip and photos!! Bet your sister really appreciates you posting her pic looking for that chip!! lol


Thanks so much for sharing your photos with us, Celly! Looks like ya'll had a ton of fun. Look at all those drinks! Looks like me when I go out. LOL

yay i love seeing pictures! looks like u had a kick ass time though! you need to come to florida for some good Cuban food! anyways thanks for posting alot of pics, now ur makin me late to work, hahaha ciao!

Haha. Thanks, guys.

I have more pictures to sort thru - pretty much repeated ones. But I'll post them when not so lazy.

Great pics!! Thanks for sharing Celly!

btw. off topic, but i always love how you do your hair!!