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Apr 26, 2007
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well havent as yet got it just wanted to share wat i will be getting.

i love the color that this one has but with my skin tone i dont think it would be gud once finished so ill be gettin it in a teal/turquoise color.

I have a friends that i noe whos husband does tattooing out of his garage, i noe sounds suss but ive seen how clean it is lol, i was gonna go to a studio but have bn told that the guy im going to does all the studios touch ups so better to just go straight to him and the other plus is its really cheap, will only cost me about 100 bucks to get!!!!

anyways here it is, its to the exact scale also, will be gettin it lower back


OoooOo I think that will be gorgeous with the teal instead. Just make sure everything is clean and sterile and it will be fine. I know a lot of people who tattoo out of their own homes or will even come to you when they're not working at a shop. have fun!

very pretty!!! i have a butterfly tat and want another one but i havent found what i want yet. i want to put it on the inside of my wrist

That's really pretty. I've been thinking about getting a small one on my back.

It's beautiful!! I have a tat on my lower back. I will tell ya, it's not comfortable LOL! Mine is really high and really low, because it's long. Yours will be a little better since it's going across. I actually have 4 tats...HAHA...they are addictive. Here is the one on my lower back, I designed it myself


Nice! I love that!

Post it when its done!

here is my lower back tattoo I got done in July

sorry for bad pic quality the picture doesn't do the tattoo justice


Thanks! yours is cute!

Originally Posted by PerfectMistake /img/forum/go_quote.gif Ricci, it's nice!!! Very pretty.
Don't worry - my tat is from a cell phone camera LOL!

wow nice tats girls and dw i will get a pick taken, i just have to noe how much he will charge and find a way of gettin there lol

for those looking for tats got to where i got mine u have to pay but u get the pic and also the stencil, u just have to print them off!!

he is sterile he did a friend of mines and he does his own lol, so i noe he clean.

thanx girls again, and warning about how uncomfortable it will be

That's a pretty butterfly! Can't wait to see it done in teal color. I have a tribal on my lower back and I agree with the other girls, it does hurt!

cool girl you go for it! i have four tats. with tonnes more planned, i want a marilyn monroe sleeve and im getting marilyns signature and two pink diamonds either side of it on my lower back under the marilyn portrait i have.

i know some people who do tattoo's at home, simply because they can charge less than if they had a studio to pay rent ect for.

heres my marilyn monroe tattoo, that ill be getting her signature underneath.

i also have a star on my wrist in orange, a celtic heart on my inside heel on my right foot. and a dove on the inside of my arm where it creases for my nan.

Love your tats, girls!! I don't have one but I love them. My mom and dad both have one. I want a fairy one but I am too chicken to get one.

That's a beautiful design! I also don't see the difference between tattoo shop and home as long as things are sterile and you're comfortable with your tattoo artist.

The ones that do it at home most of the time most of them don't have a certificate they are called scratchers and risk of disease is often there

better doing it at a shop

Originally Posted by glitter_vertigo /img/forum/go_quote.gif That's a beautiful design! I also don't see the difference between tattoo shop and home as long as things are sterile and you're comfortable with your tattoo artist.