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Oct 5, 2003
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Baked sweet potato slices brushed with warm honey (if its not warm it wont go on thinly or evenly) and rolled in toasted sesame seeds. High in Vit A and Beta Carotene (I think theyre the same thing). My kiddos love these!
I hope he likes them! Let me know how it goes. My sons loved sweet potatoes and grated carrots (we used to call it carrot string) and I always made sure to have them available. Freshly sliced red and yellow bell peppers and cucmbers are also some faves and I always have a plateful ready to go with a cup of dipping sauce on the side. If you have these veggie snacks readily available and set up like a party tray then the kids will eat them up! Before you know it youve got healthy veggie lovin kids! 8)

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