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Dec 14, 2007
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A few months ago, my boyfriend's sister (Kelly of Ellybelly photography) volunteered to take the pics for my portfolio project. I am most likely doing another shoot in January, but this time I will be the photographer. Here are a few of my favorites. Have a look and let me know what ya think! FYI: You can view the pics better when you click on them.

I like the laundry-mat photo as well as the one out on the street at night.

The last picture is really pretty as well....Did you do the make-up yourself?

Awesome pictures, may I say my favorite ones are the second and fifth pic? but they are all pretty!

Yes, all of the makeup in these photos were done by me. The mermaid photos were done with loreal hip eye colors.

This was the finished photo for the mermaid look. Photographed and photoshopped by: Kelly Perry of

i cant see it

wow, they're really gorgeous!. I really like the shoes you're wearing in the photo with the black dress on, and the ones in the laundry are really cute. You're very pretty btw!

The cherry of the cake is the one you are on the street, very natural.


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