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Myspace flirting

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Nov 30, 2007
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I'm very distressed. Exactly a year ago my husband left me to go on tour with his friend's band for 2 months. We had both agreed that we needed some time apart, still the fact that he left instead of working things out broke my heart. During this time I REALLY worked on myself. I did extensive journaling and reading, and made new girlfriends and gained a lot of confidence. I know it was a short period but i became a new reborn person.

When he came back things were fine, except for all the girls he had met along the way, and flirted with on texting and myspace. After about 3 months of me dealing with it as nice as i could with the new skills I learned things got better and we have been having a "happy marriage". But just a few days before X-mas I see a message on his myspace from one of the girls he met on tour and she was asking him to hang out with her cause she was in town. After some flirting he say he could not cause it was too far.

Oh man I was so pissed. I felt like a crazy person and I called him screaming, and he apologized, but I'm still mad as hell about it and don't know if I should let it go or what. I just feel like I worked so hard on becoming the best person I could be and he slaps me in the face with this.

any advice please i would love to read your thoughts