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Jan 10, 2007
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So, how did the trend for pointed-toe shoes start?

Manolo who? Long before they ever made an appearance on Sex and the City, pointed shoes were favored by Polish nobles, who introduced the fashion to England on a diplomatic visit in the 1300s. The shoes, dubbed “crackowes” or “poulaines” — after Kraków, Poland — were so long that a chain running from the toe to the knee was often required to keep them from dragging. In 1363 the English attempted to rein in the look by law, assigning shoe spans to social classes. Commoners could sport footwear with toes of up to six inches, while those in the royal ranks were allowed a full two feet in length.




I LOVE pointy shoes
I just bought these to wear with a brown I just need to find a purse!!!

God they look leathel.... I could see Bruce Willis in them ... "Lethel Weapon XXX" Kicking the bad guy's ass's in class... lol


I love pointy toed shoes, the can be really unconfortable if the are too narrow.

cool! toby told me down in mississippi he's never seen anyone wear pointed-toe heels!

That was one of those new trends where I was like EW I wouldn't be caught dead in those things...and then I bought a pair. I love my pointy shoes with my trouser dress pants. Thats about the only time I wear them, I wore them a few times with jeans.

I thought it read "crackhoes".

I love pointy shoes. I was like you, Kaylin... at first it was "ew" and then it became "ooo" when I try them on.

Originally Posted by clwkerric /img/forum/go_quote.gif unless you are anything smaller than a 8 they look horrible. I disagree....I have a size 9.5 to a 10 and love pointed toe shoes. I would never wear them with skinny jeans (nor would I wear skinny jeans for that matter) but they look good with boot cut.
Originally Posted by Aprill849 /img/forum/go_quote.gif The shoes, dubbed “crackowes†or “poulaines†— after Kraków, Poland — were so long that a chain running from the toe to the knee was often required to keep them from dragging. home town
haha I look like a little girl playing with her mommy's shoes when I try them on. I SO wish I could wear high shoes!

pointy shoes always looked really really really uncomfortable to me.

then again, i really cant stand them either.

Funny you should post this, I just learned this exact thing in one of my fashion classes (trends styles and influences is the name) last week


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