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Feb 26, 2011
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Old video from 2007 but I've never seen before and thought it would be interesting to share.

Really cool!! I'm guessing they must not have caught on or maybe they did, just not so much with the videos I watch.  Have you seen them around anywhere?  Love the concept!

wow that is amazing!!!!! 

I don't know i would be able to concentrate on anything if I had that mani on

I will be so amazed and stare at it all day!

I've never seen those types of nails before or since. I'm not even sure if the nails were premade or if they made it using two different sizes of clear nails (which is my guess).

Wow they are amazing... I have never seen it before....

Is it too difficult to do all this? I love doing nail art.

I've never done them myself but they look easy enough.  I'd love to try them but I need to learn how to do acrylics first. 


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