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Feb 1, 2012
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Has anyone else signed up for Nail Art Society?  The cost is $9.95 per month and they say they will be sending the items necessary to create specific types of nail art.  I received my first shipment yesterday and it contained:

  1. LVX Nail Lacquer in Legendaire - a pretty, smoky lavender.  I've never heard of this brand but their website charges $16 per bottle.
  2. Info card about LVX Nail Lacquer
  3. "What's Trending Card"
  4. "Feathers and Sequence" tutorial card - ok this gets under my skin...its SEQUINS!
  5. Silver nail string tape
  6. A small plastic baggie with feathers
  7. Not pictured - small screw top container with irresdescent sequins
  8. An adorable gold sequined make up bag

Other than the grammatical errors, I think this is a pretty good bag for $9.95 per month if you are intersted in nail art.  I don't really like the idea of feathers for a mani.  The mani shown on their instruction card is in no way a professional job, either in manicure or photography so I don't think this is some big league company that is starting this.  I think this is a cool idea to include all the items needed to do a mani and good for them for being able to carry it out from idea to product.

I plan on keeping this sub for at least a while since I was planning on cancelling Julep anyway.  Even though Julep is branching out to new textures and glitters, I still feel like I have all the polishes I need from Julep.  I have about 40 Julep polishes.

Oh, Nail Art Society does not have a referral program or a points program.

I don't think so, I would think they would make a big deal out of it if they were exclusive.

I got it for my 9 yr old daughter. So far I am quite pleased with the first bag. Can't wait to see what they do in the future.

Sadly, I cancelled then was charged again this month.  After reading comments on their facebook page, I'm afraid this is going to wind up being a major issue because it appears that a  whole lot of people are having the same problem.

I do not recommend this company at all.  I'm going to have to  call my cc company and  have charges from them blocked based on what I've read.  Argghhhh!

I cancelled too.  I was lucky that I had purchased it with Paypal and was able to just cancel the recurring purchase authorization.  I really feel for all the ladies who are having a hard time getting out of this sub.  Started out ok, but whatever would possess them to go from a nail polish sub to only nail art thinga my bobs only/no nail polish?  What kind of market is there for that?


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