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Feb 12, 2013
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I went on a makeup splurge after Christmas with my Christmas money and bought both the Naked 1 and 2 pallets. Since I've bought them I've used Naked 1 many many times, I love it.. but I haven't even touched Naked 2 yet. I still have the receipt, box and can return it. What do you guys think? Does Naked 2 have a lot of original colors in it that I will end up loving once I get to using it? Is it a pallet that I will miss? Do I even need it since I have Naked 1 ? I'm not sure what to do it's a $50 pallet and I haven't even used it. This really could be because I loved naked 1 so much, I just haven't got to 2 yet. I also really like Naked 1's packaging. So easy to throw in my bag on trips. 

Any recommendations? Perhaps give it a shot for a week and then decide if I want to take it? 

Thanks ya'll.

if you don't think you'll use it/need it, you might as well return it. once I got Naked II I stopped using Naked I (which I had for a couple years longer), so having both might be a tad redundant. imo more of the shimmery shadows in NII are less intense/more wearable, and more shimmery shadows in NI have chunkier shimmer.

a lot of the colors are essentially parallel, but it really depends on the type of shadows you usually wear, and what your color palette consists of. on a daily basis, I usually do the following: all-over nude, darker shadow on outer edges, bit of shimmer on the center/inner corners, matte brow highlighter, and sometimes a matte black/dark brown to smoke out my eyeliner. because of how I wear my makeup, most of what I need is in NII.

since the pans are the same size (if you don't mind the risk of butchering NI) you could always mix/match your favorites; NII palette is sturdier, easier to pop shadows in/out since it's plastic.

Wow seeing them side by side like that really makes me think I should take Naked 2 back. Very often (due to lack of time) I throw eyeliner and mascara on and leave the lids colorless. I'll also sometimes just throw on one of my all over colors like Maybelline's color tattoo in bad to the bronze or my Tarte in slate. Another reason why I may not even need Naked 2. 

How long do the colors last in the pallet? Think I could use it all year and still not need naked 2?

Ahh this is hard .. lol 

you might as well test it out first. but if having both palettes would be redundant, I'd go ahead and return it--with $50 you could get a different palette at Sephora, and still have enough left over for some drugstore makeup too. I've had NI for ~2 years, but the above pic probably represents of a total of ~1/2 year of almost daily use; I'm pretty sure it'll last you over a year, especially if you use other makeup too. even if it doesn't, who knows what other palettes will be out in a years' time :) /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />

I think I am going to take it back and just save the money. I have plenty of makeup. :p /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" /> We just bought a new house, I can put the money towards new kitchen cabinets. 

I went through a similar situation.  I had been using Naked 1 for a while (more than a year) and loved it.  When I saw Naked 2 was coming out I knew had to have it.  I went to Ulta on my lunch break to get it the day it came out.  I love it and personally like the colors more than the ones in Naked 1.  However (this is a big however) because I am so used to Naked 1 and the color combinations that work for me, I almost always use my Naked 1 pallet over my Naked 2.  I suppose I am just a creature of habit.  One day I hope I'll switch over to my Naked 2 pallet because the colors are truly gorgeous.  If I were you I would play around with the Naked 2 pallet and see how it looks on you, if you are not sold on it or think it is too similar to Naked 1, then return it.

Good luck!

i battled with this for the longest time... so i just bought my sister the naked 2 palette so now i have access to both palettes but i only own one! haha... i love my naked 1 palette!


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