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Dupes are always nice but I would have to see how it compares to Naked on one person. The colors do look very nice.

Urban Decay Naked palettes are my favorite. I have never heard of the ChiChi, but by looking at the photo, i'm fricken impressed! What's your review on this palette? Does it go on just as nice as UD?

In my opinion, the NYX shadows are an affordable option that have a rich color, smooth texture, and last throughout the day, especially if you use a primer. I would definitely recommend them! 

I was planning on buying the Undressed palette because I heard it's a dupe of Naked and that Naked is better for warmer skin tones than Naked 2 is. I accidentally bought MUA's Heaven and Earth Palette and Undress Me Too... but I'm still very happy with them! Still planning on buying Undressed very soon.

Just wanted to share what convinced me that Undressed is an EXACT (if not absolute then almost) dupe of UD's Naked palette:

Ha i bought this palette from walgreens that looked like it would be a naked dupe, it was terrible. It doesn't have a name but its has cheeta print on the outside, if you see it don't buy it, the eyeshadows are terrible.

ChiChi is the best for a reasonably-priced Australian brand. Their eyeshadows are amazeballs- very pigmented and come in a crazy assortment of colours.

More info here:

May have to go and search out for this Naked Dupe palette- I'm in need of some new shadows for workies. ;-)

I bought the Hard Candy "Naturally Gorgeous" palette, thinking it'd be like a dupe of the naked palette, and it was terrible. All of the browns turned out to look orange-ish once you put them on, and the lighter colors just didn't show up that well.

I looked at both the MUA and ChiChi, and I don't think either are available in the US are they? Anyone know any American dupes?
E.L.F has a palette that has colors from Naked and Naked 2 & is on sale for $6. I love the E.L.F. product quality! I'd go to their website
Originally Posted by rebalee20602 /img/forum/go_quote.gif

E.L.F has a palette that has colors from Naked and Naked 2 & is on sale for $6. I love the E.L.F. product quality! I'd go to their website
Is that the e.l.f. Studio Endless Eyes Pro Mini Eyeshadow Palette - Limited Edition pallet in natural ?

NYX-champagne and caviar palette is the best dupe for the original Naked palette. Good color payoff and inexpensive. You can get it at your local Ulta or order it offline from there. It's really popular so it's sold out almost all the time. Truck/restock days at Ulta stores are Monday mornings. So Tuesday morning is the best time to look for sold out items!

Here are my swatches from the Balm Nude'tude (the "naughty" version) the pigment is wonderful and it's almost 50% less than the Naked Palette.

I saw the Chi Chi pallets in Target (Australia) and thought that, at $30, they were a bit overpriced for Chi Chi products. But if they're smooth to put on and last then it'll be worth it. Apart from the colour swatches, how have you found them?

I'm not sure if you watch any youtube videos but emilynoel83 has a video with great dupes for the naked palettes and other palettes.

Hope I'm not breaking any rules linking this. Sorry if I am.

Chi Chi palettes are around $23 and quite good, can't compare to naked though, as I don't own it 


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