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Dec 14, 2003
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<TABLE height=480 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=639 border=0><TBODY><TR vAlign=top><TD bgColor=#000000>Eye Shadow Duos ($28) All About Eve: Shimmery Beige/ Matte Pink Beige Arctic: Opaque Silver/ Deep Burgundy Babylon: Peach Shimmer/ Matte Lilac Bellissima: Shimmer Beige/Smoky Brown Blue Angel: Frosty Blue-Purple/Matte Cobalt Blue Bora Bora: Matte Orangy Peach/Matte Purple Charade: Matte Sheer Pink Brown/Matte Sheer grey Lilac Calypso: Moss Green/ Waterlily Green Cleo: Light Seafoam Green/ Forest Green Heaven: Tangerine/Soft Pink Iceland: Blue White Frost/ Shimmery Green Ireland: Icy Cool Shimmery Green/ Matte Dove Grey Key Largo: Pale Peach/Copper Kilimanjaro: Icy Gold/Pearly Gold, both with very much white in them. Madrague: Bisque White/Pale Taupe Mediteranee: Burnt Bright Orange/ Shimmery Gold Mogambo: Sheer Metallic Taupe/Matte Dark Brown Marienbad: Light Purple/Plum Brown Pacifica: Deep Grey/Pale Blue Pandora: Sheer White/Matte Black Paris: Gunmetal Gray/ Slate Gray Rated R: Lemon Green/ Royal Blue Rebecca: Taupe/Pistachio Rio: Metallic DArk Coral/Matte Brick Brown Showtime: Metallic Bright Gold, almost yellow/ Metallic Silver Tiger Lily: Pale Peach/Light Yellow Tokyo: Pale Lavender/Light Silver </TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>

Thanks so much for the post! This is great because you can't really tell from the pictures online. I was looking at these duos the other day online and wasn't sure what would be the best for me but I'll take another look at them now with this post.


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