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Nov 5, 2005
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now as you all know i love makeup but everytime they have a little makeover event i also went wtih mac, so this time i was brave and went with nars.

i have like a cream shadow and a duo shadow from them but thats it.

aside from what everyone says about the orgasam blush is there anything else i need to check out. cause i have a $15 credit toward it but im probably gonna get more.

but since i dont know or have much from the brand is there anything just totally amazing to check out? like mascara, foundations, etc......

thanks gals!

definatley get the multiples blush sticks in malibu and any of the night eyeshadow collection (night breed, night porter, etc.) and orgasm and pillowtalk lipgloss are my faves!

their blushes are amazing, also the multiple sticks and the lip glosses =)