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Apr 24, 2005
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I need a new pink blush and I'm currently considering:

NARS Angelika (more pink)

NARS Outlaw (more rose)

Which of these is nicer? I'm not worried so much about the level of "pinkness," but more the formulation. I'd like some shimmer, like NARS Orgasm. My current pink blush is Lancome in Shimmer Pink Pool, but I'm just tired of it and I really don't think it applies well.

Other brand suggestions are also welcome!

My favourite pink blush is my Guerlain Bubbleblush in Rose Chamallow. It's a cream blush and it makes my skin look young and fresh.

Originally Posted by Trisha you already look young & fresh Lea, you have flawless skin! x

thanks honey. I think what I meant was it looks a bit dewier than powder blush.
Originally Posted by Trisha yeah i know what ya mean!! I need to use mine more often x I need more blusher. I think I'm going to get some NARS ones next time I get paid. Mind you, I did like the sheertone blush duo I got from MAC, I think it must be the only MAC thing I love that isn't eyeliner.
Originally Posted by Trisha LOL at ya, yes you need more NARS blush!! x
What shall we do on weds? town first then come to mine? x

Sounds good, but I totally skinted myself last week. I've decided to take a lot of stuff back. I got some of it home and thought why the f*** did I buy that? I think I'm a shopping bulimic!
Originally Posted by Trisha I'd pick outlaw out of those 2 cos i prefer its shimmer! Sometimes i add outlaw on top of O to make it more pinky on me! Great idea! I'll have to try that if I end up getting it.

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