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Jan 26, 2005
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... has anybody got it or used it? I've seen pictures of it and I'm really intrigued as to how you would use it. It looks quite sweet with its short bristles.
I had it, but swapped it away & now have swapper's remorse.
Very good for smudging powder e/s along the lower lashline like Trisha said.

That's the one you posted a pic of in the FOTD 31st January Trisha, wasn't it?? Dam, i feel another lemming!

I'm trying so very hard not to "need" it. Sod paying off my credit card, I need brushes! I'm an artiste!!!!!
Originally Posted by Trisha LOL I hear ya, tho i was good this month and paid quite a bit off my cards!! In fact I may not spend any money when we go to London!! x this is OT, but: how far is London from Birmingham? The only places I've been to in England are Stratford & London, for a Shakespeare studies program back in college.
Originally Posted by FeistyFemme I feel a lemming too, Laura! I think I may need this...
Yeah, me too! This looks like it'll come in handy!! Although to curb my temptations for a bit I think I might take one of my old brushes that I rarely use and just cut the bristles down all stubby - it has the same shape... oh well, it probably won't work good anyway!

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