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Me likey:

and on the fence with:


I need these like I need a hole in my head.

Looks beautiful!! The Lip Lacquer also sounds gorgeous - the MA told me it's a fresh peachy shade. Mmmm!! The thumbnail show's NARS' picture of the color. Pretty!

Shopping cart items... South pacific duo (I love these colors! Now I just have to be brave enough to wear em!) & the Multiple... very pretty!
Basically I need:

most of it!

It says on the site that you can use the e/s wet as cake eyeliners, but from what other people have said I'm not convinced. Do you think that they are having a new formulation?

Lea, I use their Night Porter shadow as a black liner and it's fantastic because of the intense black pigment. Most black shadows tend to go on deep charcoal but not BLACK - but this one does. I prefer this black over any other brand, including Trish, MAC and Bobbi Brown. However, I've used some of their other shadows like Lulu (deep purple) and Sophia (warm rich brown) and they go on completely average.

I think it's something to do with where the colors are maufactured. The colors made in the USA have, in general, been inferior to the colors made in Canada. Maybe it has something to do with the product ingredient suppliers but the Canadian-made shadows and blushes have more pigment and go on smoother.