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May 6, 2004
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Another blush thread got me thinking that i don't want to buy MAC blushes anymore. NARS seem to work best for me at the moment so can somebody recommend the NARS equivalent of MAC's Pink Swoon. Or is there anything really simliar?

Trisha you might be the best person to answer this as you own all the NARS blushes, dont you? But EVERYONE's advice, opinions are welcome

I've got my eye on Mata Hari too!!

I agree with u Laura, NARS blushes work better for me too! They stay on much longer!! And look so much nicer!

i've got my list of nars blushes that i want. hehe. i sat in sephora texting a memo in my phone so i can get them on ebay. lolangelika is a bright shimmery pink. it's too pink for me though.

Desire is supposed to be the closest. I really want this! I don't have easy access to NARS, though, so I may end up getting BB Pale Pink, which is meant to be exactly the same as well (and I find BB blushes last well on me). I know what you mean about MAC blushes. I still use them but I find NARS blushes (and Shu and BB's) last better on me. They never fade or change at all, even when I use blotting tissues over them.

Thanks for the rec's girls! I'll check out the ones ye mentioned *big kisses to everyone*