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Dec 12, 2012
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HELP PLEASE....I have been coloring my naturally dark brown hair black to try to cover increasing gray roots..nothing seemed to last...gray roots showing back up in a week even used gray magic in color. I woke up and was tired of black hair.....making me more depressed ( husband passed away) so I decided I needed a change. I want a light brown to dark blonde look...something natural looking. I had highlights put in for my husbands celebration of life a couple years ago and loved them...wasnt a lot but enough to make me feel great. So i bleached my hair and its now bright orange.... i have been researching and suggestions to bleach a second time to finish getting the orange and red out. Im on my way back to sallys beauty supply where a young lady has beenhelping me since a lady at our local sallys sold me all the wrong stuff and messed my hair up totally. I just want and desperatley need feedback and goal is to have a light brown to dark blonde hair color without orange or red in it.

I think the bleach did it. It's pretty harsh and can strip your hair bad. Have you tried using a toner to correct and lighten it up?


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