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Feb 3, 2011
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I had looked everywhere for a good top coat after Sally Hansen stopped making the one I loved. I got a suggestion for an alternative which I really fell in love with. Now Ive found out this company has some practices that I'm not thrilled about, some I'm hosting my own personal protest of the brand (which I won't say). So I'm turning to you, glamouristas. All you nail fanatics: what is your favorite, quick drying, long lasting clear top coat?? I'd prefer to spend less than $10 if possible too. Suggest away!!!

Another vote for Seche Vite! I got the 4 oz bottle refill from eBay for $10 - a regular size bottle at Sally Beauty for like $5.99

 Seche Vite

Seche Vite it is! I had some beauty bucks from CVS so I got it for a decent price. I will keep an eye oh at both Sally's and CVS for future sales. THANK YOU all so much for the suggestion and recommendation. I think I found a fabulous replacement.... or just a great new fave product. My nails were dry in seconds and the shine is great. Love you all!!

It's works great, right? Only thing is sometimes my Seche Vite can thicken up, but I just add thinner drops to it and it's back to normal. 


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