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Jan 18, 2004
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Hi Girls, I need your advice. I am thinking of investing in a new set of makeup brushes,and would be interested to know what make and type of make up brushe's you are using and anything you can tell me regarding them.

I do have a full set of makeup brushes which i bought from makeup gourmet but am wondering if there are any better brushes than the one's i have.

There is nothing particularly wrong with the one's i have,but i still want to get a new better set. I was thinking of smashbox brushes. I will be reading any reviews on makeup brushes, but i don't want to make a mistake and get brushe's ime not 100% happy with. I will try and get a photo of the one's i own and you can tell me what you think of them. I really need this advice girls,as i would like to get a new set before Christmas. Many thanks for your timexXx

PS, i am looking for a contour brush as the one i have is too large to fit into the crease of the eye.


personally, i think brushes are the best investment anyone can make for makeup. if you want quality, go for Trish McEvoy or Kevyn Aucoin. pricey, but TOTALLY worthwhile.

Smashbox does make some nice brushes & are better priced. still not as soft as TM or KA, but quite good. Fresh also makes a fabulous e/s & powder brush, as does Anna Sui. Some might recommend Stila, but I just think they're ok.

i think what's available to you in the UK will determine which you should buy. some US retailers charge a hefty fee for shipping so keep that in mind. however, imo your best bet would be Frehs or Anna Sui if you don't go the TM or KA route.

Good luck!

I think MAC have some fabulous eyeshadow brushes. I'm getting the Bobbi Brown Face Brush for Xmas as i've heard that's fab for applying loose powder & bronzer. I've heard lots of Kevyn Aucoin brushes but unfortunately they're not available in Ireland


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