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Need EDM Eyecolor Advice - green eyes, 42 yrs

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Nov 4, 2007
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I've just been trying my Everyday Minerals samples the last few days and am planning to order a full size kit. I thought I might also get a mini eyecolor kit also to take advantage of the special they have going on right now which includes the Hot Chocolate and Countryside eyecolors. I am having a very difficult time choosing ten eyeshadows and would really appreciate some advice!

*1. I'm 42. My skin is pretty decent but not that of a 20 year old, so I'm wondering if the shimmers will make my eyelids look crepey? Would the pearl or mattes be better? Are the mattes too flat looking? Any EDM eyecolors I should definitely avoid?

I have a lot of yellow undertone in my skin - I use Winged Butter or Golden Medium foundation - but tend to also have a lot of ruddiness in my complexion that I try to neutralize. My hair is light brown with golden highlights, and my eyes are green.

In the past I have always worn very neutral eyecolors - a golden or taupey brown in the crease with a light color on my lid - I generally prefer a natural look (me, only better) without anything that's too obvious. I usually line my eyes with my eyebrow powder.

Lately I've been using Suncat SunShape in my crease which is a light, neutral contouring color... but I have read that purple and violet can really make green eyes 'pop'. I don't see myself wearing dark purple all over my lid, and I don't want to look like I have bruised eyes... but I thought maybe a lavender or light violet color on my lid and a darker purple color to line my lashes might be nice. I'm not sure what I would use in the crease though.

*2. Would Net Surfing or Mystic Night be a good purplish eye liner to make green eyes pop? (Is Mystic Night more blue than purple?)

*3. Have any of you tried Diary, Wildflowers, Snowflakes, or Bedtime Story?

*4. Does EDM make a nice light, warm gold color with a small amount of shimmer that might work for me? What do you guys think of Movie Night or Oasis?

*5. Any opinions on Ginger Peach, Sunset Voyage, Sunset Candles, Spin Cycle or On the Phone?

*6. Any flattering light neutral shades you guys can recommend? Good China? Rare silk? Chamomile?

I've been driving myself crazy trying to decide, because I really have never tried colors like most of these and don't want anything that looks too harsh or made up.

Thanks in advance for any advice you guys can give me!