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May 6, 2004
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Hey girlies,

I've a MAC shadow in my 15 Pan Palette & i can't remember the name of it & its driving me mad. I don't have a pic now so i can only describe it. Basically its VERY similiar to MAC Shale but its lighter & it applies much sheerer. I know its definitely a MAC shade as i only put MAC shadows into my palette. This is really killing me. I thought i swapped MAC Seedy Pearl away but now i'm thinking that could be it, what do ye think? Any suggestions for me?

Yup, trawled through your pics but couldn't find it.. This is so weird. Its not dovefeather coz i never had that before. Its driving me insane now

Have you looked at the shadow list on ?? They list a lot, maybe it will jog your memory... lol I tried to copy/paste the color swatches here for you, but it kept on erasing my post everytime I went to submit it.... wierd
Yup i've checked too.. I remember i did have 2 Milani shadows but i had them in my MAC 4 pan palette. Maybe my sister switched them when taking my 4 pan palette for a weekend or something. I've to go hunt her down now & find out


Thank god i figured it out! Its Milani Icy Plum. And yes my sister did switch e/s from my 4 pan palette to my 15 pan palette. She won't be doing it again after the beating i just gave her (just kidding!)