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May 17, 2007
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Hello ladies

I've been dyeing my hair to light caramel brown for the longest time and I am getting really sicked of the color and the neverending touch up's that I have to keep up with every 4-6 weeks. lol...I'm debating whether I should keep my current hair color or going back to the dark side, as my hair is looking really funny now with the dark roots growing out right now.

I'm quite loving the rich chocolate brown that Nicole Richie has in the picture:


Should I go for this hair color? I am open for any suggestions as well, I just can't decide it on my own. Thanks in advance!

P.S. I've included a picture in my profile.

Originally Posted by Aprill849 /img/forum/go_quote.gif need a pic to determine...but if that is what you want go for it!!!! ditto, on both
I think this color is great.... I wanted this color about 1 month ago, but my hair is too black and the color would not lift... I'm letting it grow out and coloring the roots dark brown. Hopefully soon I too will have this beautiful chocolate brown. Good luck!

Go for it !! I think it'll look great on you... what's the worse that can happen anyway

I think you will look great with that color. You should be able to get that color easy too. Your hair is still dark enough to grab the color. The dark brown color should hold with little or no break-through of the old color.

I would go for it!

I vote chocolate brown! I've tried too hard for too long to get the right red, and I've realized my natural chocolate brown is a perfect color!

I love chocolate brown color too and looking at your profile picture I say go for it definitly!! I think it would look absolutely stunning on you!


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