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Jun 10, 2005
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Hi all! I have posted here before and find everyone to be a wealth of info! I need help now with getting a resume together. I am fairly new to the Makeup industry, have gotten certified by a few local teaching makeup artists and have done some bridal as well as some model photo shoots.

What I need help with is setting up a resume, especially when my experience is still so limited. I just need something to show a few people that want to hire me but would feel better seeing a "resume", just as standard protocol. Does someone know where I can find a makeup artists' resume template, or do one of you have one that you could email me so I would know how to structure it?

I would greatly appreciate any help you could provide in this area



Originally Posted by Charmaine Hey Cass, I don't really know anything about that, but I just wanted to say good luck! Are you a working makeup artist? I thought you might be, as a moderator.

i don't know of an officila rsume template. but what if you made a card or something like what models use? put a pic of your best work or a few pics of your work on it and list some of your things underneath with your info...? i think the model ones are called comp cards???

Yeah, I agree... maybe get a portfolio together of some pictures of your work. Then maybe just do a regular resume to just show your education, past work history, and skills in the field. You could also list some references, and a brief paragraph explaining your goals and what you'd like to achieve if hired.
I'll try to find something for you to base it off of

*** Update.... found THIS - not sure how much help it'll be, but I guess it's an idea ?

I definitely agree with the portfolio idea. Employers want to be able to see your talent.

Thanks for the ideas everyone! I will get to work on this as soon as possible


Definitely agree with the comp card and portfolio. And having an online portfolio too is great. Most prospective clients wanna see the actual work.


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