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Aug 8, 2006
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So, I've always been really oily with some pores on my cheeks right by my nose but I've never broken out before well now I have these horrible cystic acne bumps and some little whiteheads on just my chin. They won't go away. I went to a derm about 8 weeks ago and was put on Obagi's Clenziderm acne line $269 later and still no better. I've stuck to this one line instead of my usual hopping around. As for makeup i'm using Everyday minerals.

Does anyone know of a skincare line that I should try. I almost went to the store today to get Clinique but I'm still trying to use this up but can't wait much longer. My chin looks gross. HELP ME PLEASE!!!

Maybe you should try some products with glycolic acid?? Paula's choice are really good,they have free samples too

if you're using derm prescribed products and nothings happening, the problem may need to be addressed on the inside of your body. how's your water intake, diet, etc? are you stressed out? have you changed hair products? maybe a supplement might help. just some suggestions so you don't spend another $269 on products that may not work! hope this helps!

I used to have issues with suddenly breaking out like that along my jaw line - I used the Proactive line and it really seemed to help. I don't use it anymore, but keep a bottle of their acne lotion on hand for the occasional break-out.

I'd ask the Dermatologist for an antibiotic or for a topical perscription of some kind. Have you tried the acne line from Murad? That's supposed to be good. Or check the review section, maybe you can find some good recs there. Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask is supposed to be kick ass too!


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