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Aug 31, 2007
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What colors would be flattering for Native American women? I am donating makeup for a "Diva for a Day" program at Pine Ridge Reservation, home to the Lakota Sioux who are extremely poor. These ladies are trying to pay for heat during the South Dakota winters and have no extra money for manicures, etc.

I was thinking of H.I.P. colors and Milani. Does anyone have a specific drugstore brand or color name? Would dark foundation in the "neutral" color range work?

If anyone would like to see the list of donation requests, please sign up for the free Yahoo group at FriendsofPineRidgeReservation : Friends of Pine Ridge Reservation

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That is so cool what you are doing for the women! That really deserves applause.

Well, I think on an 'average' N.A. skintone, many, many things could work. Neutral tan skin tones look good in just about everything it seems. I would focus less on what you think they would look good in, and pay more attention to variety.

For decent, inexpensive brands, I would try N.Y.C for lipsticks, blush, and pencils. There are so many colors in their 'Moisture' brand, lots of variety.

H.I.P. is fairly expensive, but Milani eyeshadows are of good quality and inexpensive at the same time.

I know what you're talking about, I've never had a lot of money and I don't spend alot of money on makeup. My family is very poor and I would be ashamed to spend a lot money on something materialistic. i buy makeup on a budget. I'm Mexican so I need more pigmneted makeup also. I'd reccommed wet n wild eyeshadows $3, mascara $2 megalash is the best, NYC lipstick and gloss is very good $1 and $2.

I agree with variety. I see so much variety in skin tone. I have a friend who is pale pale and pases for white, but I also know people that are very dark brown. Maybe a lot of pressed powder? I personally find it easier to match skin color with pressed powders. Lots of Milani lipsticks too. I love Milani so much, and even something as simple as a lipstick can make a huge difference.

Thank you all for your caring responses. MUT means finding friends! I'm going to try all of your suggestions. Thank you so much.

I want very much to make these ladies happy! I want them to be thrilled with the beauty loot they get and feel their womanly power. Milani looks beautiful in it's packaging and I think I will buy quite a bit of it, and Wet 'n' Wild and NYC, so my money can go as far as possible.

With love,


Oh that is a kind thing for you to do! I also think NYX is great and very inexpensive. However, their website and Ulta charges more than your local beauty supply will.

You are so wonderful for doing this! LittleLisa sent me a Milani quad once and I just loved it, I wish we could get them here in Canada!

Maybe some tinted moisturisers? They are so sheer that they will be forgiving if they end up with some one who's not quite the same color. It'll still help even out skin tone, though.

So far I have bought some Maybelline eyeshadows that were on sale, some Maybelline eye shadows that I had bought and never used, Maybelline and Cover Girl eye pencils in brown and black. Wet 'n' Wild $1.99 lipsticks in dark red, bright red, gold and bronze shades, nail polish in clear, red, brown and silver glitter and frosted teal. All in one sticks for eyes, lips and cheeks in bronze and red. A Prestige eyeshadow in green and some other color. An Isadora powdered bronzer in a compact. (All the Isadora merchandise was marked down. It looks like Walgreen's is getting rid the line.) I want to get some Milani. I am very eager to send hope and self esteem to these women. I also need to make some gift bags.

The link to the website with details of all the things they need is here:

Make a Difference | Friends of Pine Ridge Reservation

With love,



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